What is a Braai?

A Braai is the African word for Barbecue. Pronounced (BR-I). It also means a cook-up or meat grill (an event).

Simply put, a Braai is a wood or charcoal fuelled barbecue, but more than that it is an incredibly versatile and exciting way to cook which provides a great social hub for a gathering or celebration!

Showpiece Cooking Experience 

The Braai Man supplies built-in Braais which can sit exposed or be designed into an existing building, wall or chimney stack. Perfect for a patio, decking or garden, they become a centerpiece of the garden.

Stone built surround

More than just great food

Once the cooking is done the best thing to do is remove the grill and ember maker and you’ve got yourself a great, warm firepit to chill around with a few beers or a glass of wine.

a braai at work

What can I cook on a South African Braai?

You can of course cook in a manner similar to the British barbecue, but there are also a host of other options. On a braai you can grill, slow roast on the higher shelf (the results are truly succulent!), stew in a pot (known as a ‘potjie’) which hangs from a hook and smoke. The braai is also amazing for pizzas – acting as a pizza oven and reaching temperatures far in excess of a traditional oven and if you’ve been inspired by Bake Off, you can use the braai to bake bread or cakes!


Braais in South Africa are more than just a way of eating, they are more than just a type of barbecue, they are an occasion.